This about sums us up…

Recently, one of GeekGhost’s co-owners was invited to join a local business group and had to write a short blurb describing who we are and what we’re about. The way she explained GeekGhost pretty much sums us up:

I am co-owner of Offices in St. Petersburg, Florida. We are a Web Hosting company. We provide Web Hosting for any budget or type of website. Shared, Resellers, Business Grade, Dedicated Servers, Semi-Dedicated and VPS. We also sell domains, SSL certificates, Merchant Accounts, Offer Server Management and Business Strategy. We also provide Web Design and Development upon request. Pretty much anything you need to make your business succeed.
We are not a huge conglomerate corporation. We have several amazing employees and techs and are growing every day. We are an LLC in business since 2011. We love our clients, our employees and most importantly what we do. We strive to focus on what is often over-looked in this industry – Customer Service. We started this company with the goal to change the face of Web Hosting. We love technology and the internet and saw a lack of caring people in this industry. We saw so many companies were/are being bought out left and right by huge corporations that are not caring about how their customers are treated. We want to make a change in this industry. We wanted people to know, they aren’t just a client id or an invoice. We wanted to show the Hosting industry that you can care, you can take care of your clients, you can build relationships with them and you can have a personality while maintaining top level professionalism and support. We just wanted to make a change. And that’s exactly what we have been doing since 2011!!! Nice to meet you all, that’s our story! Looking forward to meeting and networking with others.