Server Administration

20 Years Of Server Experience At Your Service!

Our techs share over 20 years of combined experience managing, troubleshooting and administering web servers. Now you can use that experience to get your server running right, repair any issues or migrate servers or sites from any platform to any platform. If you run a cPanel based hosting company, you can also hire our techs to act as your virtual support staff and answer tickets on your behalf using your help desk. Use our expertise to build your business. Just another way GeekGhost makes things a little easier for you!

Server Set up and Lockdown

Server Set up and Lockdown

We'll set up your cPanel server with nameservers, hostname and requested PHP/Apache modules and extensions. We'll install common plugins such as CSF, ModSec Control, RKHunter, Maldet and more. We'll lock down and secure cPanel and get it ready for hosting. $200 one time fee.

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Monthly cPanel Sys Admin

Monthly cPanel Sys Admin

Includes everything from our cPanel Server Set up and Lockdown service but we'll also keep cPanel and OS updated and secured with monthly audits. Includes monitoring for 3 services of your choice. If a monitored service fails, we respond and restart the service, diagnose and repair. $75 monthly

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Customer Testimonials

  • This web hosting provider is wonderful. Server is excellent and support is awesome. And all came with very competitive price. If you would like to get bargain, search for their discount code. They use distributed nameservers too, so it is very good for redundancy of my website. Bravo!

  • As a photographer I needed a host for my online portfolio that I could easily setup, access, upload my photos to and know that when someone is looking at my site it will be up. Geek Ghost has proven to stand above the other devices I have used in the past and at a affordable price meeting my needs with quick and knowledge support for any of my questions.

  • Super fast support. We switched to their Business plans (from a competitor's SSD VPS) and their business plans are actually faster than the SSD VPS!! Sent tickets in after signing up to get my sites moved over and never went more than 5 minutes for a response. Highly recommended!

    Ryan Goode
  • Have been with GoDaddy for about a year. I have to say, GeekGhost is much more intuitive to work with. Great support and a quality service from my experience so far.

    Steve Geng
  • Great host and the best and the cheapest host that i have ever came across good work guys.

  • I'm happy to be a customer, thanks for your great support during my account set up.

  • One of the things that I love about GeekGhost is that they don't give you a run around when they answer your questions and they don't trick you in to upgrading to other plans if it's not necessary, unlike the other hosting sites.

  • When it was time to step up our online presence, it took us FOREVER to find a service that was up to par and the right price! The design team took our ideas and made them a reality. Everything from design, hosting, and overall site maintenance has been PHENOMENAL from the start. Geek Ghost, it has been our absolute pleasure.

  • I have dealt with several big and small hosting companies over the last 14 years. I have had some good experiences and some bad. With 100% honestly, purchasing a hosting package with Geekghost has been my absolute best experience to date. The professionalism, the courtesy, pricing and quality of customer service tops any company I have ever used. You get the "Big League" level of service without paying the "Big League" prices. After 14 years, I have finally found a permanent home. I cannot say enough. Thank you to the staff at Geekghost, you folks are absolutely incredible.

  • I cannot speak highly enough about GeekGhost! The design team was an absolute pleasure to do business with and worked with me to come up with a logo that was better than I ever could have hoped for. Not only were they courteous, professional and super fast, but they also have some of the most competitive prices I have ever seen. GeekGhost will definitely be my go-to company for all of my future design needs.

  • Finally. i've chosen Geekghost as my new home. And they are really great... ...and support is great. Response on my questions are less than 30 minutes. Fixing of issue is within a couple hours. There were some issues with security but everything works now as it suppose to be. I can recommend GeekGhost at this moment to anybody who need more server power and is ready to pay a bit more but than know that server is stable and that his site should not face any issue.

    WHT User, As posted on Web Hosting Talk