New Auto Unblock Feature Now Live!

Don’t you hate it when you’re working hard and suddenly get blocked from the server for some unknown reason? We know it’s frustrating. Although our security is paramount is maintaining safe and secure servers, sometimes our innocent clients get caught in our net.

Well, we’ve made this easier now with our new Auto Unblock Feature.

Log in to your client portal and move your cursor to the Support section of the Portal menu. You’ll see a drop down. Select Unblock IP Address. The system will then run a check against the IP you are accessing the server from across any server where you have an active account. It will display a list of your active account servers and report whether there is a block against your IP on that server. If your IP is listed, a simple click will remove the IP from the block list, allowing you to continue working without having to wait for a tech response.

Resellers! You have the ability to also search for your client IP addresses across any server where you have an active reseller account. Just enter the IP in the search field and the system will run a query on any server where you have an active Reseller plan.

It doesn’t get much easier!