EIG Owned Hosting Companies and What You Need to Know.

EIG or Endurance International Group has been silently buying out small to large hosting companies over the last few years. Chances are, if you’ve hosted with any of the “Top Hosts” on a Google search, you’ve done business with EIG.

The narrative is pretty much the same across the board. A popular Web hosting provider with an exceptional track record of great support and up time slowly starts to deteriorate. Tickets take longer to respond to, sites stay up just a little less and what once was a pleasant experience quickly descends to the realms of Webmaster nightmares.

Reports of sites being down for days, weeks and in some cases…yes, months have been posted across the Internet. Yet, somehow EIG continues to thrive and buy out market share.

Their plan is actually quite brilliant. With enough market share they don’t have to worry about retention rates (also known as churn). So they buy out as many companies as they can. If a client decides to leave one Web host for whatever reason and jump ship to the next popular Web host, chances are they are hosting with another EIG company and EIG keeps pocketing profits. They need have no vested interest in quality support because they own such a large portion of the market.

The key to this is anonymity and thus far, EIG has done a great job keeping the companies under their umbrella a secret. The EIG Wikipedia article was even updated to remove the list of companies currently owned by EIG. The problem is that the monopolization of any industry is rarely a good thing. In terms of Web hosting it presents the customer with less quality for more money. You can rest assured that as time goes on, more companies will be gobbled up by this conglomerate and the industry as a whole will suffer.

What can you do? Nothing really. Providing lackluster support is not against the law. Neither is buying out your competition. However, your dollars speak volumes. The best course of action you can take is not to invest in EIG owned companies. We at GeekGhost would of course love your business. However, we care about this industry too much to watch it suffer. If we’re not a good fit for you, find a non EIG owned company to do business with and keep your money out of the hands of those that want it simply for what it is and not by earning it by providing the best quality of service.

This is a great time for privately owned and managed Web hosts. Our ability to provide personalized service puts us at an almost unfair advantage when competing with companies like EIG. While we can’t compete financially, we more than make up for it through quality service and support. GeekGhost shares this market with some wonderful providers. With a little research and forethought we can make sure that only the most deserving companies earn your dollars. In an effort to assist clients currently hosted with an EIG company that prefer to not be with an EIG managed company, we are offering contract buyouts on any hosting plan currently hosted with an EIG brand (up to 3 months). What this means is that if you have a plan with an EIG brand and want out but have already paid for a specified term upfront, we’ll host you free for the remaining time you have with them (up to 3 months). We’ll just need to see proof of account status that shows you have an active, pre-paid account with time left on the contract. Contact GeekGhost Sales at sales at geekghost.net and we’ll work out the details and make your transition as easy as possible.

We’ve provided a list below of known companies owned by EIG. This list may not be complete and we’ll try and keep it updated as we hear of any changes. This list was compiled from other reputable sources on the Web.

UPDATE 02/02/2016: EIG companies continue to let their clients down. One such thread can be found at http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1546877 but that is just one example. A quick search on that same forum will reveal several clients experiencing the same issues.

Current Known EIG Companies
2slick (2slick.com)
AccountSupport (accountsupport.com)
ApolloHosting.com (apollohosting.com)
A Small Orange (asmallorange.com)
Arvixe (arvixe.com)
Berry Information Systems L.L.C. (berryinfosysllc.com)
BigRock (bigrock.com)
BizLand (bizland.com)
BlueDomino (bluedomino.com)
BlueHost (bluehost.com)
BuyDomains (buydomains.com)
CarielWeb (carielweb.com)
ComputersConcepts (computersconcepts.net)
Directi Web Technologies (Directi, directi.com)
Dollar2Host (dollar2host.com)
Dotster (dotster.com)
DomainHost (domainhost.com)
Dot5Hosting.com (dot5hosting.com)
Dotster (dotster.com)
EasyCGI (easycgi.com)
Ehost (ehost.com)
EntryHost (entryhost.com)
Escalate Internet (escalateinternet.com)
FatCow (fatcow.com)
FreeYellow (freeyellow.com)
Globat (Glob@t, globat.com)
Homestead Technologies, Inc. (homestead.com)
HostADay (hostaday.com)
HostCentric (hostcentric.com)
HostClear (hostclear.com)
HostGator (hostgator.com)
HostNine (hostnine.com)
HostMonster (hostmonster.com)
HostWithMeNow (hostwithmenow.com)
HostYourSite.com (hostyoursite.com)
HyperMart (hypermart.com, hypermart.net)
IMOutdoorsHosting (imoutdoorshosting.com)
Intuit Websites
iPage (ipage.com)
iPower (IpowerWeb, ipower.com)
JustCloud (justcloud.com)
JustHost (justhost.com)
LogicBoxes (logicboxes.com)
MailEIG (maileig.com)
MojoMarketplace (mojoness.com, mojo-themes.com, mojo-code.com)
MyDomain (mydomain.com)
MyResellerHome (myresellerhome.com)
NamesDirect (namesdirect.com)
NameZero (namezero.com)
NetFirms (netfirms.com)
NetworksHosting (networkshosting.com)
Nexx (nexx.com)
OsullivanSystems (osullivansystems.com)
PipeDNS (pipedns.com)
PowWeb (powweb.com)
PureHost (purehost.com)
ReadyHosting (readyhosting.co.uk, readyhosting.com)
ResellerClub (resellerclub.com)
Saba-Pro (SabaPro, sabapro.com)
SEOGears (seogears.com)
SEO Hosting (seohosting.com)
SouthEastWeb (southeastweb.com)
Sprly (spry.com)
StartLogic (startlogic.com)
SuperGreen Hosting (SuperGreenHosting, supergreenhosting.com)
TightHost (tighthost.com)
TypePad (typepad.com)
Unified Layer (unifiedlayer.com)
UsaNetHosting (usanethosting.com)
VDeck (vdeck.com)
VirtualAve (virtualave.net)
VPSlink (vpslink.com)
Web2010 (web2010.com)
WebDevHosting (webdevhosting.com)
WebHost4Life.com (webhost4life.com)
WebsiteWelcome (websitewelcome.com)
WebstrikeSolutions (WebstrikeSolutions.com)
Xeran (xeran.com)
YourHostingAccount (yourhostingaccount.com)
YourWebHosting (yourwebhosting.com)
Webzai (webzai.com)
ZipitDesigns (zipitdesigns.com)
Verio (verio.com)
Site5 (site5.com)
IdeaHost (ideahost.com)
SiteLock, LLC (sitelock.com)